Energy Conservation Systems

energy management_02At Pro Star, we believe we all have an obligation to preserve the environment-by reducing energy consumption, increasing the energy efficiency of equipment used, and increasing use of renewable energy sources. But all this must be done in a way that makes business sense-in terms of initial capital outlays, on-going energy cost savings, maximum use of incentive programs offered by various agencies, and regular monitoring of the entire system to ensure that the planned efficiencies and savings are being realized over the long term.

Pro Star offers a wide range of solutions for energy savings. Just two of them are discussed in more detail here:

  1. Energy Control systems for air conditioning and heating systems from residential to commercial grade. This involves installation of demand-based control devices to reduce the frequency and length of equipment run-time, achieving average savings of 15% on energy bills.
  2. Energy Management System for water heating.

The Energy Management System (EMS)

Thermostat_02One of our most common energy savings programs, this consists of a state of the art computerized controller designed to limit energy usage on your hot water system. Through a program of constant control and analysis, the EMS ensures that the heating equipment runs at an optimal level, carefully matching demand with consumption on the property. This eliminates wasted run-time that is common to systems without controls.

Pro Star provides periodic analysis of system operation with clear, graphed data measuring the energy usage and savings captured against previous periods.


  • Significant savings in gas and electric usage
  • Greater equipment life due to lower usage of burners, piping, pumps, etc.
  • Lower repair bills
  • Fewer disgruntled occupants
  • System operation is mapped so problems can be flagged speedily-reliability is greatly increased
  • Use Gas Company savings to pay for system installation
  • The system pays for itself within a few weeks!

Savings are assured through Pro Star’s periodic analysis and reporting of energy usage, and a constant program or calibration, equipment maintenance for optimal performance and testing.

Initial installation costs are typically covered through gas utility incentives or financing programs. System requires subscription to Pro Star’s EMS program, which typically costs about 25-30% of savings realized. Below is a visual representation and analysis of energy usage and dollars saved on a typical system.